Why the name?

Yes we could have opted for Santa’s something something, or Jingle this and that.

We know it doesn’t give much away of what we actually do but you have to admit, it sure is memorable & catchy right?!?

I remember I couldn’t fall asleep until I had come up with the perfect name for our little business and then it hit me …. YOUR MAMA …. 

Why Your Mama? Firstly it’s a real life MAMA sewing and making the products, it’s my actual mama guys! And then the thought of customers chatting to each other is where it sealed the deal for me. I pictured the conversation going something like this … “wow where did you get that really cool Christmas chair cover from” and the customer would reply …….  “from YOUR MAMA”! 

BAM! Thank you, sign me up!

It became official and super exciting when the domain name was available and reserved for us the very next day. The only way to best explain the feeling is what it must feel like when you finally have a store and you turn over the “OPEN” sign on the door for the first time! 

We remember the doubts we first received from people who would have rather gone for something like: M&N (Mercia & Nela) decorations or something to that effect.

The world has enough abbreviations and hidden meanings and so we stuck with our ‘chosen’ company name and from there everything fell into place. Logo, brand colours etc.

Do you know what an awesome feeling it is when we attend the annual Christmas Village Market in December in Johannesburg every year (link to another blog about Christmas Village) and we see you walk by and have a chuckle at the name and tell your people to look over there and about 2 minutes after that we get bombarded with “omg that’s so cute” compliments!

That is why “YOUR MAMA”

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