How it started, how it’s going

Was it just our mom or did your mom’s also make you really cool Bart Simpson or mickey mouse tracksuits when you were growing up thanks to the excellent salesperson with a great sales pitch at the Rand Easter Show who sold your mom her very first sewing machine? 

They don’t make them like they used to that’s for sure, believe it or not, my mom still has that same machine that we use as backup when the newer ones just can’t keep up or decide to have a mini meltdown and stop working for the day. I can almost picture them crossing their arms and saying no more for today, my needles hurt hahaha!

Let me tell you that little Rand Easter Show sewing machine has been with us when we immigrated overseas and back again when we moved back home. There is no place like home and there is no little sewing machine like this one!

The next chapter to this story is called … Pinterest! Along came this beautiful app that blew our minds away and showed you how to make all these beautiful things, things like your own makeup, pallet furniture and even how to grow your own veggies. Amongst all the tips and tricks my mom stumbled upon the most beautiful Christmas Chair Covers in the shape of Santa’s hat, she knew immediately I would absolutely Love them with a capital L as I am a self-proclaimed Christmaholic! 

The next day she came over, measured my dining room chairs, went to our local fabric store and by the following weekend I had my set of Christmas Chair Covers!

I loved them so much and so did all who saw them on display. One night over family dinner I told my mom she should make some more and try sell them because the quality was so professional and made with so much love. They really were beautiful! Dinner came and went and we never spoke about it again … until one day I was driving in my car when I heard it! An ad on 94.7 asking for all vendors who specifically make Christmas décor and items to apply to be apart of the first ever Christmas Village at Monte Casino and only a hand select would be chosen. 

I enrolled my mom without her knowledge and a few days later she was accepted. This was October and the Christmas village was in the beginning of December. In less than 2 months my mom came up with 3 other designs of her own for Christmas chair covers and the production began. Day and night she worked to build up stock as we had no idea what to expect.

This was 8 years ago and since then I have joined my mom and have taken over everything non-sewing related but when my work is done everything and anything sewing related!

Together we have built Your Mama and can honestly say have loved every single step of the way!

Now we know what it feels like to do something you truly love and enjoy so for that fact alone I think it’s going pretty well!

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