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Guilty! I re-gifted

Is it right to re-gift unwanted gifts?

Will it hurt your feelings? Would you rather I put it away in a cupboard for a good few years and then decide what to do with it when I move to a new house?

We’ve all received something that isn’t quite “us” as a gift I’m sure! So what do we do with these unwanted gifts? I admit I am probably the hardest person to buy for and so lately I always ask for vouchers and that way it’s easier for you and me.

I have never re-gifted a gift until one day I had no choice but to! Murphy’s law I actually really loved this gift I had received from a good friend of mine.

Let me set the scene!

Christmas time is always so busy and you’re always running around doing something, buying that, planning this that one day it completely slipped my mind that we were going to have a pre-Christmas dinner at family who was going away for the holidays and wouldn’t be here for Christmas.

It was 5pm and dinner was at 7pm. There were cousins, a baby and an aunty that we needed to have gifts for because ultimately they would have for us!

The only shops open at this time of the day were grocery stores, so

off we went, we managed to buy a quick little something for everyone except for the aunty! So I had the bright idea to go under our tree and open a few gifts to see what we could come up with (when you’re desperate it calls for desperate measures!)

I had received a pizza slice plate from my friend which was SUCH a cool gift, I had never seen one before and I loved it! Unfortunately, I had to love it and then wrap it up and get going out the door!

Dinner went well, food was amazing and then came time to open gifts!

You can’t make this up!

It was the aunt’s turn to open her gift from us, she opened it and guess what! She absolutely loved it! She loved it so much that she wanted to get more, so she piped up and asked us where did you get this from? In front of everyone! ………….. my partner panicked and said “I don’t remember” looked at me and said “where did we get it from” ………. I remember I stuttered quite a bit and I’m pretty sure at one point even put my index finger on my chin, looked up into the air while I was “trying to remember” where I bought it from! Eventually I think God intervened and something made me blurt out “online, we bought it online”!!!

Thankfully she didn’t persist further!

That was the first time and the LAST time I ever re-gifted!


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