A Winter or Summer Christmas

I know I have one, and something tells me you do too or you wouldn’t be on our site! 

What was it that made this time of the year so special to you? Was it the Christmas music, was it unwrapping your gifts, the food, the people?

We all watch our favourite Christmas movies each year and dream of having a white Christmas somewhere in a log cabin all cuddled up by the fire place roasting chestnuts right?

I don’t know if it’s because I am writing this blog in June and it’s full on Winter but Winter is really hard work! You’re constantly trying to stay warm, you struggle to wash your hands because the amount of layers you have to push up so your many sleeves don’t get wet, before you even get there though you have to wait for the water to warm up or you risk getting frost bite on your fingers! The worst part when your partner won’t let you warm up your feet on their feet ….. it’s just really hard work!

So I have actually come to appreciate a Summer Christmas here in South Africa. You open up the doors real wide, you turn up the Christmas music really loud and you join your family in the pool while the gammon roasts away!

I have spent one Christmas in the US, in Denver Colorado, with flu might I add, tried their roast ham, warm apple cider and even a slice of cherry pie, my conclusion …. Ham IS NOT THE SAME AS GAMMON OKAY! There was a magical moment though, we came down to the hotel restaurant at about 6pm for their mandatory Christmas Dinner and as we looked out towards the street in front of the hotel and it started snowing! On Christmas day! What are the chances of that actually happening!

The next day we woke up and everything was white covered in thick snow. It’s not like rain where you hear it and feel it at times, this was beautiful and silent and calming to watch … from the hotel window! Being out there with the cold wind was another story for another topic, perhaps I’ll call it “The coldest moment of my life”.

What have your experiences been like with a Winter Christmas?

Thank goodness for movies though where you get to live in that world for a brief moment and then you put your fan on and go to bed with all the windows open.

We are grateful though to the Northern Hemisphere Christmas’s as that is where we draw our inspiration from for a lot of our décor or else you would be getting Santa in surf shorts type of vibes from us!

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