Re-gift blog

Guilty! I re-gifted

Is it right to re-gift unwanted gifts? Will it hurt your feelings? Would you rather I put it away in a cupboard for a good few years and then decide what to do with it when I move to a new house? We’ve all received something that isn’t quite “us” as a gift I’m sure! …

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A Winter or Summer Christmas

I know I have one, and something tells me you do too or you wouldn’t be on our site!  What was it that made this time of the year so special to you? Was it the Christmas music, was it unwrapping your gifts, the food, the people? We all watch our favourite Christmas movies each …

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Why the name?

Yes we could have opted for Santa’s something something, or Jingle this and that. We know it doesn’t give much away of what we actually do but you have to admit, it sure is memorable & catchy right?!? I remember I couldn’t fall asleep until I had come up with the perfect name for our …

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