About Us

We really love what we do! Every Christmas Cushion, every Santa Claus Placemat, every single product in our Christmas range has love and care stitched to it! Be different and stand out this festive season with our Christmas range! Have a look!

The Story of Your Mama

Some collect miniature cars, some scrap book as a hobby …. we Christmas!

Our story started a long long time ago in a far away place called Johannesburg – Jozi to some!

One fine day my mother now known as YOUR MAMA decided to make her favourite daughter (also her only daughter) Christmas chair covers to add to her ever growing Christmas collection / obsession.

The chair covers were so loved by all near and far that her daughter decided to enroll her mother without her knowledge to attend the biggest and most popular fair in all the land known as the annual ‘Christmas Village’!

She was immediately accepted and before she knew it she & her little elves had to work day and night.

They are now living happily ever after every single day doing what they love most …. creating holiday décor.

This is how and why we do it

We at Your Mama hand make all our decor products no matter how big or small and we are constantly coming up with new products and ideas to add to our ever-expanding inventory – but always with one intention, bringing a smile to our customers faces.

We also get how frustrating it is to see all the beautiful Christmas décor on social media from the amazing stores overseas. Obviously you can order from those stores but yes it may only be $1 but for us South Africans the rate of exchange ain’t in our favour, then comes the exaggerated courier costs involved to bring in that $1 item & finally the beloved clearance taxes once it finally arrives on our shores!!!

So if you have seen anything on social media or have a unique idea, trust us with the finer details and we will make it a reality for you. We accommodate any style aesthetic. All you need to do is give us the go-ahead & let it become a cherished Christmas item in your home for you and your family to enjoy.

We pride ourselves in our work and nothing leaves headquarters without being 100% perfect and pretty!

This is what we expect in the future

Your Mama – To make even the resident family Grinch enjoy the holidays.

We are continuously creating and expanding our décor products.

We are dedicated in our efforts to deliver products & experiences that allow customers to sit back and enjoy the happiness that comes along with each holiday.

With each passing year, we notice that we are getting more recognized and being sought-after, to the point where people know you by name and enjoy following our story on social media.

 This year we have launched a Valentine’s Day as well as a Birthday line which continues to get positive feedback from our customers.

We also focused on strengthening & expanding our business with a new interactive online shopping experience through our website & have a better presence on social media platforms so we could be in constant communication with our valued customers.

We hope this is of great convenience to all our customers & we will maintain a dedication to stay current and up to date with trends and techniques.

We are continuing to invest in products and distribution methods for our high-growth business.

We follow a simple business philosophy – to devote our time and enthusiasm to creating superior products and services that contribute to the wonderful moments of life.

  • To create the products and services that give customers the best satisfaction
  • To become a household name in South Africa & the world in the same line of business (Christmas = Your Mama)

We believe that living by strong morals is the key to good business and that will be at the heart of every decision Your Mama makes.

  • People!  Quite simply, a company is its people, whether it’s our service providers, suppliers or customers – we’re dedicated to giving our people a wealth of opportunities and experiences.
  • Excellence – everything we do at Your Mama is driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to developing the best products and services on the market.
  • We set our sights on the future, anticipating customers’ needs and demands so we can steer our company towards long-term success.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority – we have a sincere and friendly relationship with our customers and accept suggestions and complaints with modesty. We respect and honour all information.
Our Team

Mama / Nela (on the right)

Master at sewing / Fabric addict / Head of the perfectionist department

Daughter / Mercia (on the left)

Self-proclaimed Christmas connoisseur / Most of time listening to Christmas music / Face behind the keyboard

Your Mama Owner and Co-Owner

Mercia & Nela


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