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Handmade quality festive season decorations. We have an extensive range of Valentine, Christmas, Easter & Halloween decorations. Anything from Comfy Blankets, Table Runners , Holiday Themed Chair Covers, Placemats , Holiday Themed Cutlery Holders, Centre Pieces to Adorable Santa Clause Cups! You name it! We make it all! Check our our shop!

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Sneak peak alert!! A display of our favorite seasonal decoration!

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Christmas Galore! Christmas Table Runners, Comfy Reindeer Blankets, Christmas Themed Cutlery Holders and many more! Come and check out our shop!

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We have a ton of stories to tell! Where our journey started. Tricks and nicks of the trade! Read all about it in our blog!

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We know how much work is involved in putting up the Christmas tree or how hard it is to find the perfect spot for each of your beloved Christmas ornaments you’ve collected over the years from far and wide.

So while you wait to receive your order from our courier company we await the inevitable WhatsApp message from you! Your reactions are always so priceless and so rewarding and we wish we could somehow bottle all that happiness up and sprinkle it all over the world and make it a better place!

“Have you ever been so happy you want to cry?”

Neva Ward

“I am so obsessed – thank you guys so so so so much! All the things you guys make are so stunning and such great quality. My favourite! You guys are so talented”

Lisa Abraham

“I’ve just received my goodies …. Love love love it …. The quality is absolutely outstanding! Thank you so much!”

Bashy Rampear:

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